ERC40-55VH 4 Wheel Electric Forklift Truck Cushion Tyre

Heavy-duty compact electric counterbalance

Delivers the equivalent ICE performance which can be matched to suit the application while ‘e-Balance’ can provide the best of both worlds when required.

  • Stability for toughest loads
  • Durability for demanding conditions
  • Designed for comfort
  • Ultimate productivity
  • Low cost of ownership






High-capacity electric rider Brains and brawn to efficiently handle the heaviest loads

Stability for toughest loads

Irregularly shaped or unwieldy loads are no problem for the VH series, built for superior stability even while lifting materials with long load centers.

  • Yale Continuous Stability System reduces truck lean in turns, improving lateral stability and is completely maintenance free, with no controllers, no sensors and no extra wiring
  • Innovative steer axle mounting design enables superior travel over uneven surfaces
  • Trunnion-mounted masts reduce load distance, enabling improved long load center handling
  • Load rollers canted at three degrees to resist forward and backward movement.

Durability for demanding conditions

Yale electric lift trucks must pass the same demanding 15-day environment test as ICE trucks, handling freezing temperatures, blistering heat, 30% grades and more. The VH is ready for loads up to 12,00 pounds in the most demanding conditions.

  • ICE-like drive axle assemblly is designed with a cast ductile iron housing and full floating axle to withstand heavy loads
  • Hydraulic components are industrial grade, including O-ring face seal fittings, hydraulic valves, fine micron filters and long-lasting hoist and tilt cylinders
  • Mast channels built with one-piece, high-strength rolled steel
  • CanBus electrical system offers strong performance and reduced wiring and electrical connections for improved reliability and excellent serviceability.

Designed for comfort

Operator comfort enhances productivity and reduces fatigue. The VH prioritizes visibility, smooth, precise mast positioning, low-effort steering and human-engineerred controls to keep operators going strong, all shift long.

  • Large, textured grab handles and deep, anti-skid steps for easy entry and exit
  • Comfort-optimized seats, with no-cinch ELR seat belts and six inches of fore/aft adjustment with 13 latching position
  • Infinitely adjustable standard steering column through 26-degree range
  • Rear drive handle with horn button
  • Accutouch minilever electrohydraulic controls (optional) offer shorter reach and throw, and considerably less effort required to operate versus mechanical levers
  • Open floor plate design offers up to 11% more floor space
  • Power-assisted braking reduces pedal effort, with ergonomic layout for greater comfort.

Ultimate productivity

The VH uses proven AC technology coupled with the “Intellix VSM (vehicle systems manager) to provide enhanced performance through the usable battery discharge cycle.

  • Selectable performance modes allow truck performance to be tailored to real-time conditions and operator skill
  • AC motors provide powerful acceleration, fast travel speeds and fast lift and lower speeds
  • Thermal management system enables high productivity while protecting key truck components.

Low cost of ownership

The largest share of money spent on a lift truck comes from operating costs, thrusting maintenance requirements, ease of service, durability and power costs front and center.

  • AC traction and hydraulic motors completely eliminate brushes and rigging, reducing maintenance requirements and cost
  • Disc brake system only requires periodic lubrication change at 4,000 hour intervals and automatically uses traction motor braking to reduce burden on service brakes
  • Easy component access, including easily-removable floor plates and a rear-hinged hood that opens nearly 80 degrees.
Model Load Capacity Load Centre Lift Height Turning Radius Battery Capacity Weight
ERC50VH 5000kg 500mm 5740mm 2341mm 80V / 750Ah(V/Ah) 8112kg
ERC55VH 5500kg 600mm 5750mm 2420mm 80V / 750Ah(V/Ah) 8824kg
ERC40VH 4000kg 500mm 5550mm 2165mm 80V / 675Ah(V/Ah) 7217kg
ERC50SVH 5000kg 500mm 5740mm 2240mm 80V / 675Ah(V/Ah) 8121kg