ERP16-20UXT 3 Wheel Electric Forklift Truck Pneumatic Tyre

Simply efficient three-wheel electric counterbalance

A low intensity, low maintenance truck that can increase productivity and reduce operational costs.

  • Ergonomically designed operator cab
  • Easy to maintain
  • Advanced electronics
  • Affordable to own
  • High visibility mast






Ideal for low intensity applications. The UX series of easy-to-use electric counterbalance trucks provide a dependable general-purpose materials handling solution.

Ergonomically designed operator cab

The comfortable and ergonomically designed operator compartment has a familiar automotive-style layout to reduce operator fatigue.

Easy to maintain

Service time and costs are minimal as there is no need for PCs, laptops or diagnostic tools. In-built diagnostics record faults and service requirements which also help to reduce service time.

Advanced electronics

AC Technology eliminates motor brushes and directional contactors providing minimal maintenance requirements.

Affordable to own

Proven, high quality, robust components are used and the efficient air and oil filtration and cooling system provide peace of mind.

High visibility mast

The high visibility through mast provides improved forward operator visibility of forks and workplace.

Model Load Capacity Load Centre Lift Height Turning Radius Battery Capacity Weight
ERP18UXT 1800kg 500mm 6000mm 1601mm 48V / 460Ah(V/Ah) 3190kg
ERP20UXT 2000kg 500mm 6000mm 1716mm 48V / 600Ah(V/Ah) 3380kg
ERP16UXT 1600kg 500mm 6000mm 1601mm 48V / 460Ah(V/Ah) 3120kg