MR14-25 Reach Truck with Moving Mast

Productivity and comfort

The next level in reach truck productivity, delivered through innovation, technology and ergonomic design

  • Heavy duty, high capacity mast
  • Energy efficient
  • Rapid transport of loads
  • Precise fork positioning
  • Long service intervals






The MR series provides higher travel speeds for long travel distances and lower speeds for precise load handling A robust and reliable reach truck range designed to suit a variety of medium to heavy duty applications.

Heavy duty, high capacity mast

The robust heavy-duty mast design provides high residual capacities and stable load handling enabling faster put away and retrieval times. The 2,000kg heavy duty model can lift a full capacity load to 7.5m and 800kg to 12.75m.

Energy efficient

The ECO-eLo energy efficiency mode reduces the maximum engine speed and optimises fuel efficiency and can, dependent on the application reduce energy consumption by up to 20%.

Model Load capacity Lift height AST (wide / long) Battery Capacity Weight
MR16N 1600kg 9000mm 2762 / 2811mm 48V / 420-775Ah(V/Ah) 6859kg
MR20 HD 2000kg 12750mm 2850 / 2904mm 48V / 700-930Ah(V/Ah) 9755kg
MR16 HD 1600kg 11400mm 2834 / 2896mm 48V / 560-775Ah(V/Ah) 8902kg
MR25 2500kg 8150mm 2890 / 2915mm 48V / 700-930Ah(V/Ah) 8902kg
MR14 1400kg 10500mm 2718 / 2764mm 48V / 280-620Ah(V/Ah) 6861kg
MR20 2000kg 8150mm 2795 / 2835mm 48V / 560-775Ah(V/Ah) 7970kg
MR16 1600kg 10500mm 2731 / 2767mm 48V / 420-775Ah(V/Ah) 6971kg