MP16-22 Pedestrian Low Lift Pallet Truck

Smart, swift, and dependable

Smart, swift and dependable low lift pallet trucks with a proven track record in confined and congested areas

  • Ergonomic tiller
  • MOSFET Control
  • Heavy duty forks and frame
  • Yale Smart Lift™
  • Less downtime






Working effortlessly and efficiently even in the smallest spaces, the MP16-22 is designed around the needs of the operator and offers intelligent ergonomics and unrivalled manoeuvrability. The MP Series pedestrian low lift pallet trucks combine the latest in state-of-the-art technology and ergonomic design.

Ergonomic tiller

The forklift industry’s largest tiller arm run zone is ideal for a wide variety od applications. Ergonomically designed for minimum wrist movement effort, the mid-mounted control tiller arm reduces operator fatigue.

MOSFET Control

The MOSFET high frequency controller is used to regulate traction and pump operation. Energy efficient, smooth progressive control is available at all times.

Heavy duty forks and frame

The heavy duty, formed, boxed-in, steel forks are fabricated for strength and robustness. An integrated fork torsion box, heavy duty torsion bar and linkage all work together to reduce torsional twisting and load sway.

Yale Smart Lift™

Exclusive Yale Smart Lift™ enables the operator to lift loads and start transporting the pallet before it’s at full lift.

Less downtime

CAN bus Communications, Hall Effect Sensors, Proximity Switches and Transistor Controller are incorporated into the design, reducing the number of wires, connectors switch and contactors.

Model Load capacity Lift Height AST (wide / long) Battery Capacity Weight
MP22 2200kg 130mm 1780 / 1980mm 24V / 150-375Ah (V/Ah) 632kg
MP16 1600kg 130mm 1718 / 1918mm 24V / 150-375Ah | Li-ion 24V / 50-100Ah(V/Ah) 545kg
MP20 2000kg 130mm 1718 / 1918mm 24V / 150-375Ah | Li-ion 24V / 50-100Ah(V/Ah) 632kg
MP18 1800kg 130mm 1718 / 1918mm 24V / 150-375Ah | Li-ion 24V / 50-100Ah(V/Ah) 545kg