MP16UX Pallet Truck

Light to medium-duty applications

The new MP16UX extends the current warehouse UX offering and is intended for low intensity applications.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Ideal for Retail and Last Mile delivery
  • Competitive Energy Consumption


Pedestrian Low Lift Pallet Truck

Ergonomic design

Light Weight Slimline Design. Long tiller arm reduces steering effort, the head is also designed for maximum operator comfort. Low effort controls are ergonomically placed to reduce fatigue, while adjustable performance settings suit specific operational requirements. Responsive butterfly switches control travel speed, direction and braking to allow a smooth start, controlled braking and acceleration.

Ideal for Retail and Last Mile delivery

Ideal for unloading at back of store and any last mile delivery application. Low cost of operations.

Competitive Energy Consumption

Powerful 1.2 kW AC traction motor combined with the 0.8 kW DC hoist motor allows for long battery shift life as well as soft lowering of goods. The battery is sealed and maintenance-free, whilst accessibility is simple for quick battery exchange. The on-board charger enables on-site recharge while optimised battery packs reduce downtime.